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Kubus Vild Eg
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You can use these SMARTBett Cubes as an addition to SMARTBett shelving units. The Cube fits perfectly into our shelves and can be used as a compact coffee table, seat or bedside table at any time. If you put 4 cubes together you will get a large coffee table that can very easily dissolve in the shelves or be distributed around the house.
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CUBE and SHELF together forever
The dimensions are calculated with great precision to perfectly fit the cubes in our shelves. Do not worry about scratches, all our furniture is covered with a special protective (melamine) coating that helps to keep the surface scratch-free for a long time. Also in the set with each cube you will receive special soft stickers for soft and silent movement of the cube in a shelf or on the floor.
you can combine colors and number of cubes. For example Wood color goes well with white and anthracite or you can also use a cube and a shelf in the same color but we do not recommend combining two different wood textures like wild oak and sonoma, although this is all of course a matter of taste. A maximum of 5 cubes can fit in one shelf, how many cubes will be in your shelf is up to you.
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Characteristics of the smartbett wardrobe
Type Terning
Farve Vild eg
Stor 42,2

Light conditions: Due to the lighting conditions in product photography and different screen settings, it may happen that the color of the product is not reproduced authentically.

Generelle spørgsmål
B: 42,2cm
H: 42,2cm
T: 42,2cm
Was ist im Lieferumfang enthalten?
The scope of delivery includes the fold-away bed, the slatted frame and, if selected, a mattress. The other items in the picture are for decoration and presentation only!
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