Garderobeskabe 50cm Hvid/Beton

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Garderobeskabe 50cm Hvid/Beton
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Scratch protection
All elements of the body and front are covered with Melamine, which provides reliable protection from scratches and keeps a fresh look for a long time. Melamine coating is a widely used technology all over the world and is recognized as safe and optimal for use in furniture production.
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Practical little things
the drawer has an additional pull-out element that can be used as a table, stand or nightstand. This feature has been designed to comfortably match this wardrobe with our beds. This is very convenient as you can use this drawer as a bedside table at night and hide it during the day. For example, a clock, an alarm clock, your favorite books, etc. can remain hidden in a drawer during the day and in the evening when you go to bed, this drawer turns into a night chest of drawers again and all your favorite things will be in easy access. The maximum weight for each drawer is up to 10kg.
Skabsseng compatibility
By using our wardrobes with our wardrobe, you get an absolutely practical set with plenty of storage space and a comfortable bed. When closed, it looks especially minimalistic and neat. These cabinets are made of the same material and color as our cabinet.
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Simple, stable design
In the upper part of the cabinet there are 6 shelves for various household items weighing up to 15 kg on each shelf.
2 spacious drawers
Both boxes can be loaded up to 10kg. The top drawer can be used as a bedside table thanks to the additional pull-out element. For more details about the pull-out element, see above.
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Design, practicality, minimalism
Simple lines and shapes create a minimalist look and maximize usability. These cabinets are perfectly compatible with our other cabinets, shelves and wardrobes. You can play with the combination of colors for the front and body and create your own sets that will best suit your room size and your needs.
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Characteristics of the smartbett horizontal wardrobe
Farve af kroppen Hvid
Farve foran Beton
Typen Skabe
Bredde Bredde 50cm
Dybde 45

important Cabinet beds must be pegged to a fixed wall.
The beds may only be opened in the secured state! For the bed a normal mattress can be used, but the height must not exceed 17 cm.

The Skabsseng is disassembled and delivered in original packaging!
Self-assembly with assembly instructions.
Price is without decoration and mattress.

Delivery: In the scope of supply is the cabinet bed, the slatted frame and after selection a mattress. The other items in the picture are for decoration and presentation only!

Light conditions: Due to the lighting conditions in product photography and different screen settings, it may happen that the color of the product is not reproduced authentically.

General questions
H: 221,6cm
B: 50cm
T: 45cm
H2: 22,8cm
H3: 22,8cm
Was ist im Lieferumfang enthalten?
The scope of delivery includes the fold-away bed, the slatted frame and, if selected, a mattress. The other items in the picture are for decoration and presentation only!
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